A Business Line of Credit From J Finn Industries Will Boost Your Small Business

Small businesses are struggling to get loans because they do not have valuable collateral to impress the banks. Even those that qualify take long to be approved because banks are cautious to find only those who can repay their debt.  Lucky for you, there are plenty of lenders out there […]

What It Takes For You to Thrive as a Business Owner By Jay Findling

Business is not for everyone. We all know that you must have certain qualities to thrive in it. Failure to have these qualities will lead to the collapse of an existing business or even cause you to give up along the way. Jay Findling account on Behance has plenty of […]

When Rebranding Works For Your Business – J Finn Industries, LLC

Some of the major businesses in the world have gone through rebranding multiple times. Google, for instance, has changed its logo 7 times, while Coca-Cola has changed its slogan 57 times to what we all know now – taste the feeling. Change can be intimidating and the thought of it […]

Keep Your Financial Records Safe With These Tactics – Jay Findling

As a business owner, ensuring your financial records are organized and safe is critical to the smooth running of your entity. As a matter of fact, some business records contain sensitive information concerning your company, employees, and clients which requires special attention during storage. If we don’t safeguard our financial […]

Why You Need Innovation In Business By Jay Findling

Owning a business requires you to be innovative in many ways. Through this, you can increase your productivity, solve issues and beat your competitors. Competition and business problems are always present requiring you to be equipped with current and innovative ideas plus tools for the growth of your venture. Without […]

Jay Findling on Tactics To Help Closing Business Deals

Starting a business is hard but not as complicated as running it. Its survival usually depends on how much and fast you can operate it. Because of this, you have to be knowledgeable about marketing and implement sales strategies to convert buyers. Given that you might be the main salesperson […]

Team Training For Customer Satisfaction By Jay Findling

Proper training of employees can significantly improve a company’s profits, customer satisfaction, and the image. Nevertheless, the satisfaction index in the American market indicates a disconnection between the training programs and customer service quality. If you are a small or new business or trying to launch a product, then customers […]

Recognition and Rewarding of Employees by Jay Findling

Recognizing and rewarding your employees is a technique to make progress in your business. It simply does wonders in motivating and lifting the morale of your workforce. It is a way to show them that you care about what they do. However, you should be careful to do it right. […]

J Finn Industries on Satisfying Your Staff and Customers to Avoid Insolvency

Jay Findling, New Jersey businessman store closing service receives a growing number of positive reviews for the great service he provides. However, he does not rejoice in the fact that business owners are not trying hard enough to keep running. Of course there are several reasons a business can become […]

Marketing Strategies From J Finn Industries, LLC

The success of a business depends on the marketing strategies you employ. This means you have to make winning plans that can be utilized in the course of the year to make profits for you. Jay Findling – J Finn Industries, LLC account on Medium has marketing plan templates you […]

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