Jay Findling’s Advice on Closing Your Store

There are many reasons why one would want to close their stores. Perhaps you are moving to different place, changing business, retiring or the business is causing losses. Whatever the reason you will have to get rid of inventory and get as much money from the business as possible. Jay Findling, New Jersey Businessman, President and CEO of J Finn Industries advises you on the right approach to your store closing. With his advice you have a smooth closing procedure.

Set a Date

Ensure the public knows which date the store will close. This does not necessarily mean you will lay off your employees on the same day. You will need them in liquidating and cleaning the merchandise that is left. The day needs to be a regular weekend. Make sure there is no holiday to get as many people as possible. Follow Jay Findling official account on Twitter for more tips on this subject.

Jay Findling's Advice on Closing Your Store

Your employees need to know that you are closing in advance so as to prepare them to look for jobs elsewhere. In fact, they should know about it before the public does. Inform the public about the closing of your store through local media, social networks and and any other advertising means in your reach.

Host a Sell-off Date

Host a date to sell your merchandise. A working tip is by discounting them. You can get help selling off your inventory through professionals like J Finn Industries, LLC. They have channels and means to make this happen fast.

Dissolving or changing the business officially should be the last bit of the process. Go to the authority that issued you the operating license and ask to fill forms that are required to change a  or liquidate a business. Also apply for permits necessary to operate another business if that is your plan. Jay Findling, New Jersey Businessman knows that this processes are tiresome and is willing to assist you to enjoy your business closure. Contact him.

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