Team Training For Customer Satisfaction By Jay Findling

Proper training of employees can significantly improve a company’s profits, customer satisfaction, and the image. Nevertheless, the satisfaction index in the American market indicates a disconnection between the training programs and customer service quality. If you are a small or new business or trying to launch a product, then customers service should be a top priority and it must be done properly. You cannot afford to offer lackluster training to your staff because customers will look for someone capable of satisfying their needs according to J Finn Industries, New Jersey businessman, President, and CEO of J Finn Industries. Some of the ways to effectively train your staff include:

Team Training For Customer Satisfaction By Jay Findling

Make 20 to 30 Minute Pieces Of Training

As you present your training, you want your team to be constantly hooked to your presentation to consume all the information. If you do this past thirty minutes, it becomes strenuous and at the end of the day all the efforts might end up being useless. Again, make your training as attractive as possible by use of virtual flashcards, graphics, smartphones, and gamification to make it memorable like the videos on Jay Findling account on YouTube.

Make The Training Engaging

Majority of people don’t enjoy sitting down for hours as someone else drones unending procedures, policies, and tasks at them. Training doesn’t have to be verbal all the time – keep it under 30 minutes and ensure that everyone is involved and they are capable of controlling it. For instance, you could avail of the training on their smartphones such that everyone accesses it whenever they are free. Take advantage of smartphones instead of banning them all together.

You do not have to organize a big meeting to bring every player on one table so as to discuss customer satisfaction issues. Micro-learning can come in handy to put down stressful situations. This will also help you save time and spend less.

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