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Some of the major businesses in the world have gone through rebranding multiple times. Google, for instance, has changed its logo 7 times, while Coca-Cola has changed its slogan 57 times to what we all know now – taste the feeling. Change can be intimidating and the thought of it might freeze you in your tracks. Follow J Finn Industries account on Pinterest to find ideas of rebranding your business.

Reasons for Rebranding

Rebranding requires a motivating reason to be able to pull it off. So before you invest resources in changing anything on the face of your business, let your reason(s) be strong enough. You see, doing a business rebrand means upsetting the normalcy and doing it wrong or unnecessarily can harm your business instead of building it. Your reasons can range from, meeting the ever-changing needs of your audience, you have a change of values, your brand does not stand our (it blends in), you seem limited by the way things are, or even feel embarrassed to introduce your business to others.

When Rebranding Works For Your Business - J Finn Industries, LLC

Your Brand Should Communicate

Jay Findling, New Jersey Businessman on the strategic questions you must answer as a startup says you have to consider the pros and cons of rebranding before you do it. On the bright side, your business will appear fresh, competitive and innovative. The stakeholders will get the impression that you keep working to increase your value – it is indicative that you mean business above everything else.

Your brand goes beyond the color and feeling you portray to your audience. The words you use are equally important and you must select them thoughtfully. By the end of the day, you should have key selling points. This way your staff can clearly describe your business and your clients should quickly interpret what you can do for them.

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