Get Rid of Outdated Products with J Finn Industries

Trends can be tricky. One day a product is in high demand and the next day people have moved onto the next big thing. This is common with some devices and it can leave you with a large stock of inventory that is useless to you. If you look through […]

Jay Findling Will Handle all Your Redundant Stock Worries Professionally

Redundant stock can be a headache because you have already used money to acquire or produce it but it does not seem to be bringing in the returns that it is supposed to. Instead of struggling with finding buyers for this stock, it is best to get in touch with […]

J Finn Industries Helps Avoid Forced Insolvency

J Finn Industries through Jay Findling,┬áNew Jersey Businessman helps people find solutions to insolvency. Going through insolvency can be stressful for any business owner, especially when creditors have taken you to court and you do not have a way out. You can visit the Jay Findling official account on Twitter […]

J Finn Industries To Your Business Rescue

J Finn Industries helps businesses to get rid of obsolete inventory and make a profit while at it. Jay Findling ensures that businesses no longer have to lose money by selling their wares at throwaway prices just because the merchandise has grown obsolete. You can see this on Jay Findling […]