J Finn Industries Through Jay Findling Handle Business Liquidation

There can be different reasons leading to business liquidation. The process could be initiated by the directors and stakeholders of a company if the company’s operations are no longer viable. The company stops trading and informs creditors about the plan to liquidate the company. Liquidation could also be initiated through insolvency. If you owe creditors money beyond a certain predetermined amount, the creditors can push for involuntary insolvency in which you have to shut down operations and sell off assets and inventory to pay them. Jay Findling is an expert in this process.

J Finn Industries

J Finn Industries steps in to buy all assets and stock from your company. You are presented with the cash and your involvement in disposing of these items is done. The company then finds smaller networks that are interested in the products, sells the assets and inventory, packs and ships them. Some business liquidation processes involve auctioning. In this case, interested parties gather to bid for the items they would like. This way, you do not have to sell your items for lower prices. You can still get a reasonable amount for your items.

Jay Findling then pays off any creditors that your company owes through the revenue generated from your sale of these goods and services. J Finn Industries goes through the proper channels, considering the legal requirements, to ensure that your business’ liquidation is carried out in a professional manner and leaving nothing to chance. The company has a lot of experience spanning back over two and a half decades.

If you would like to liquidate your business, get in touch with this company. Bank of America and Wachovia, among other reputable institutions, have maintained an A rating for the company placing it ahead of many other competitors.

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