Jay Findling Liquidating Excess Inventory

Jay Findling through J Finn Industries is an expert at liquidating excess inventory. Your product does not have to rot or go bad as it sits idly in storage. Instead, this professional liquidation of excess inventory will ensure that you also get a profit out of the sale of this inventory.

Jay Findling Liquidating Excess Inventory

Have you ever been in a situation where a buyer refuses to honor an LPO? Perhaps you started a manufacturing plant outside the country and had your merchandise shipped in only to find out that you can no longer sell your merchandise in a specific area. This can leave you with a lot of excess inventory sitting idly in the warehouse. One of the biggest detriments of this situation is that the excess inventory ends up utilizing precious space that would have been used for another product that also needs to be stocked. To remedy this, you might have to look for a new storage location to keep this excess inventory. This will cost you money for transport and for the space as well. After spending all this money, you still do not have the guarantee that you will find a buyer in time before the product goes bad. J Finn Industries steps in to provide a solution that will help you to save your money, earn you profit from the sale of the inventory and allow you to cater to other aspects of your business in order to generate more profit.

Jay Findling has connections with different networks of buyers who will provide cash up front for the merchandise. You, on the other hand, do not have to deal with any of the decisions leading up to the sale of these goods. You also do not have to repackage and ship as this is the work of the excess inventory liquidation expert.

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